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Virtual Stretching Mini Course

Get & Keep Your Clients Happy 

Learn how to create and start a top notch virtual stretching class in 7 days or less. Create more income, client loyalty and free time. Use this mini course to create an ongoing blueprint for your career!


Get Instant credibility and be the best paid professional in your field. Whether you are a fitness coach, therapist or wanting to start a new life changing career.  

  • Learn How To Add A Stretching Program.

    Don't get stuck in a one track career. Add virtual stretching to your list capabilities.

  • Get Better Client Results.

    Your clients want this and need this. You are in a perfect situation to help them move and feel better.

  • Make More Money

    You deserve to make your career fulfill your lifestyle and financial needs. Adding a Stretching Program  will increase your income right away.


  • Easy To Follow System

    In 7 days or less you will have all of the tools needed to start a Virtual Stretching Program. From follow along videos to a complete step by step stretching system. It's a Done-For-You Program.

  • Online Web Portal

    Everything is accessible online and through our education portal. We use a combination of bite size pieces of information to speed up the learning process and make it not so daunting. 

  • 65 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    We are so confident that you will see a 10X return on your investment that we will are giving you a 65 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Check out everything you will get below. The course is designed to teach, guide and inspire you to become part of the top 1% in your field! 

  • 7 Days or Less...

    This Mini Course is setup for you to start and finish it in 7 Days or less. Simple, to the point and geared to make your life better now.

  • Video Instruction 

    Once you sign up, you will get fast lane access right away and since the course is online you have the ability to choose the speed at which you complete the course.  

  • Group Support

    All of our courses and certifications come with access to our Fast Lane Facebook Group. When you become part of our community you get all the extras you need to accomplish your goals. 

  • A Better Developed You

    You will add a new tool to your toolbox and also a new way to create more value for your clients. When you become a Stretching Pro, it opens doors for your life.  You will see your quality of life to the amount of money you make improve drastically so that you can be the best in your field.  


    7 Day Virtual Stretching Mini Course

    This course will teach you, step by step, how to add a Professional Stretching Program in the next 7 Days!

    $199 $99

    100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!


    We don't mess around when it comes to over-delivering and guiding you to your goals. If at anytime you are unsatisfied or unhappy please let us know right away. We want the opportunity to make it right and if we can't, we will refund you same day! 

    • 65 Day Guarantee, no messing around, no risk.

    • Over-Delivering, we are here to help you.

    • Same Day Refund, we will make it right.

    Marcus Brugger

    President, National Stretching Institute

    Virtual Mini Course

    Setup A Virtual Stretching Program For Your Clients In 7 Days Or Less! 

    $199.99 $99

    100% Secure. We Will Never Share Your Info!


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