The National Stretching Institute is here to help Health and Fitness Professionals become better at helping clients move and feel better. Our mission is to educate, guide and inspire you to be a better Trainer, Coach or Therapist which will ultimately impact millions of clients throughout the world. Our philospy is you don't need a PHD to impact and improve the way your clients move and feel.  We believe that through experience and dedication you can not only make a larger impact but also be paid well for expertise. 

"Adding anything to my business to add value to my clients to add income from my existing clients is always something I am looking for. I went through Stretching Course and immediately was able to implement it into my business. 
I did a stretching class and the clients loved it so I am excited to be able to implement more of it."

Brad Linder

Get You In Shape

I always knew stretching was important but never really understood how to incorporate it into my programs. NSI gave me the confidence to create a better experience for my clients.

CPT, FMS, NASM, NSI Stretching Certified 

Online Learning

Get the flexibility and expertise all in one while in the comfort of your own home. Each NSI certification and course is done through our follow along university style learning portal. 

  • Learn On Any Device 

    It's as easy as clicking on a link and you are set to go. 365 access on any device, anytime. 

  • How-To Videos

    Easy to follow, short and precise pieces of education broken into specific lesson videos.

  • University Style Online Learning 

    NSI use a mixture of lectures, follow along instruction and first hand teaching techniques that allow you to absorb the information and apply the principles easily at your own pace.

  • Group & Teacher Support

    Need a little extra help?? No worries. NSI has add on accountability and development program to help you with your certifications.

$10,000 In Scholarships 

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Fill out the form below and see how much of a scholarship you qualify for. At NSI we are committed to helping you develop your health and fitness career. We are giving away $10,000 worth of scholarships during this time of need. Apply below to see how much you qualify for!