About NSI

The National Stretching Institute was created to educate, inspire and coach health & fitness professionals so that they can better help their clients and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

"You don't have to be perfect to help change your clients lives."

Many times health & fitness professionals feel as they need to know everything in order to help their clients move and feel better. Over the last 16 years, I have developed a stretching system that helps your clients move and feel better. It's nothing too complicated or in need of a PHD but will drastically help your clients with their movement. Through basic stretching fundamental knowledge and experience you will be able to help your client's recovery, flexibility, movement and overall aches diminish. You will also, set yourself apart from the normal trainer or therapist so that you can better serve your clients and get paid a higher amount that you deserve. Over the years, I have built a stretching system through 10,000+ hours of hands on experience. My mission now is to pass on all of the stretching experience and knowledge to you to impact not only your life for the better but the lives of your clients. Our mission at The National Stretching Institute is to help you become a better professional so that you can focus on changing lives without worrying about your financial needs. Together we can create positive impact on millions of lives! 

Let's Change The World...Together! 

President, National Stretching Institute

Be a Student. Be a Professional. Build a Business.

Become A Stretching PRO

Jumpstart Your Fitness Career, Be A Better Trainer & Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck! 


Get the practical knowledge needed to become a Stretching Professional. Learn the basics and exact systems needed to start stretching clients. Through our online portal you will be able to learn and develop your stretching skills. 


Put into practice what you have learned through the certification process and gain the experience needed to become a top level stretching professional. Practice and repetition make all of the difference as a Certified Stretching Professional.


Take your health and fitness career to a new level. Get all of the tools necessary to start, grow and excel your business. Already a business owner?? Add a plug and play revenue stream to profit from right away guaranteed. 

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