Stretching Professional 


Become A Stretching Pro 

Be a Student. Be a Professional. Build a Business.

Become A Stretching PRO


Get the practical knowledge needed to become a Stretching Professional. Learn the basics and exact systems needed to start stretching clients. Through our online portal you will be able to learn and develop your stretching skills. 


Put into practice what you have learned through the certification process and gain the experience needed to become a top level stretching professional. Practice and repetition make all of the difference as a Certified Stretching Professional.


Take your health and fitness career to a new level. Get all of the tools necessary to start, grow and excel your business. Already a business owner?? Add a plug and play revenue stream to profit from right away guaranteed. 

NSI Virtual Stretching 

7 Day Mini Course

Learn how to create and start a top notch virtual or in person stretching class in 7 days or less. Create more income, client loyalty and free time. Use this mini course to create an ongoing blueprint for your career and business!

NSI Level 1 Stretching Pro 


Learn the principles and fundamentals needed to stretch clients in a 1 on 1 session, small groups and larger group classes. When you become a Level 1 Stretching Pro, you get all of the tools to start working with clients to help them move and feel better. You become a vital part of your clients health and fitness while differentiating yourself from other providers. 

Money Back Guarantee

We don't mess around when it comes to over-delivering and guiding you to your goals. If at anytime you are unsatisfied or unhappy please let us know right away. We want the opportunity to make it right and if we can't, we will refund you same day!